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Braving Chemo: What to Expect, How to Prepare and How to Get Through It

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Author: Zavaleta MD, Beverly A.

Brand: Sugar Plum Press, LLC

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 240

Release Date: 05-11-2019

Details: Product Description Getting cancer is like a bomb going off in your life. Having chemotherapy can feel like another bomb. If you’re getting ready for chemotherapy, you probably have many questions—but searching for answers on the internet can be overwhelming and the pamphlets from your oncologist don’t begin to tell you all you need to know. You may be scared, confused or exhausted. You’ll want to know what to expect and how to prepare for chemotherapy – and so will your loved ones who are supporting you. In this concise and comforting guidebook, Braving Chemo, Harvard-educated physician and breast cancer survivor Beverly A. Zavaleta MD cuts through the confusion to provide you with clear answers to your most urgent chemotherapy questions, such as: Can I keep my hair from falling out? What should I eat? How can I keep my spirits up when I’m worried about dying? Combining her medical expertise with a survivor’s experience and insight, Dr. Zavaleta provides practical advice on topics such as where to find reliable information about your treatment regimen, what you should take to your chemo session, and how to keep up your strength. Braving Chemo also confronts the challenges of cancer recovery and coping with fear and pain. Whether you’re a chemotherapy patient or a cancer caregiver, Braving Chemo is a valuable resource about what to expect during chemo, how to minimize the side effects and how to live life as normally as possible when life itself is on the line. For more information on Braving Chemo and Dr. Zavaleta, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BZavaletaMD. Review "When physician Beverly Zavaleta was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed chemotherapy, she gained a new understanding of the physical, emotional, and financial effects of cancer treatment. She writes, 'I find that my compassion for patients has been multiplied exponentially.' Dr. Zavaleta translated that compassion into this helpful and multidimensional book, written from the perspective of a patient and a doctor, with a goal of helping spare other patients some of the surprise, fear, and stress of chemotherapy." - Patricia Prijatel, author of Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer "I love the conversational tone in this book and the balance of helpful facts and encouragement. Will be amazingly helpful for cancer patients! - Lecia V. Sequist, MD, MPH, Medical Oncologist, The Landry Family Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Medical Oncologist, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center "A great resource for anyone facing chemo. Thorough with lots of great suggestions for dealing with both the mental and the physical challenges. Conversational with an easy-to-understand style." - Stephany Angelacos, cancer survivor, patient advocate and founder of the Knowledge Is Power Breast Cancer Tribe, Facebook Support Group "Thanking God for this book! Priceless." - Kim, teacher and cancer survivor. About the Author Beverly A. Zavaleta, MD is a board-certified family physician, cancer survivor and long-time advocate of patient education. She graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a BS in anthropology and subsequently worked as an English teacher in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. After returning to the US, she received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, where she designed and implemented an asthma patient education program. She completed her residency training in family medicine at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, Texas and spent several years in private family medicine practice. In 2015 she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and underwent a grueling chemotherapy regimen. That experience, along with her experience as a doctor treating patients with cancer, led her to turn her attention to filling the gap in chemotherapy-focused patient education materials by writing Braving Chemo. Dr. Zavaleta practices as a hospitalist and her health-related art

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