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The Sudden Caregiver: A Roadmap for Resilient Caregiving

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Are you a sudden caregiver? When an unforeseen medical crisis robs someone you love of their health and well-being, do you feel caught off guard and ill-prepared for your caregiving role? Plenty of research confirms what you may already know: caregiving is depleting, worrying, and exhausting, often leading to physical and emotional burnout, fear, and illness. Yet a growing body of evidence tells us that while caregiving is depleting, it can also be a source of strength, well-being, and purpose. Caregiving may be inevitable, but caregiver distress is not. Written by a family caregiver for family caregivers, The Sudden Caregiver: A Roadmap for Resilient Caregiving, will help you to: Take control of the practical tasks and available resources your circumstances require. Minimize unpleasant surprises and maximize well-being for you and the person in your care. Leverage “resilience builders” to protect yourself against stress and replenish your spirit. “Beautifully written and empirically sound. I can see that it will help many caregivers of all types. I look forward to sharing it with my caregiver networks." – Dr. Judith Moskowitz, PhD, MPH, Professor, Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine and President of the International Positive Psychology Association


About the Author: Karen Warner Schueler became a sudden caregiver when her late husband was diagnosed out of the blue with stage IV cancer. In this book, she enters the complicated world of the informal, unpaid, sudden caregiver, offering guidance, resilience, and, yes, a roadmap – a rational approach for planning what is, essentially, unplannable. Karen is an executive coach and President of Tangible Group, a coaching and consulting firm that focuses on leadership development and caregiver well-being. She received her Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, visit

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