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Privacy Policy

Please read carefully.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on July 29, 2022. 

My Care Crew are Services including a website, online store, and mobile application (collectively the “Service” or “Services”).  The Service provides its visitors and users with access to the My CareCrew mobile application, the website (, including the blog content), and the online store ( The service may provide features such as email services, messaging services, calendars, social media, ecommerce, journals and / or other messaging or communication services designed to allow you to communicate with others in your CareCrew via the mobile application and to access relevant products, services and content via the website and online store (each a “Communication Service” and collectively “Communication Services”).

We take your privacy seriously and your privacy concerns are important. This privacy policy outlines how we handle and process your personal information, whether a visitor, Main account user or a CareCrew account user of our Service. If you have any more questions or concerns about how we are processing your personal data, or you would like to know more about how to exercise your rights. You can reach out to us by emailing or mailing us at: My Care Crew, LLC, 3702 W Spruce St  #1278 Tampa, FL 33607.

To that end, let’s get familiar with some of the terms you should be familiar with when reading this policy. The websites,  and the mobile application My Care Crew (collectively the “Services”) are operated by My Care Crew, LLC (“My Care Crew,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). “Websites” means the websites located at, store.mycarecrew or any subsequent URL which may replace these websites, and all related or associated websites, URLs and microsites. “mobile application” means the My Care Crew application as available on the Apple and Google App Stores, or any other subsequently designated App source. “You” and “your” means you as a user of the websites and/or the mobile application. “User” or “Users” means all users of the websites and mobile application, which includes Users who create accounts seeking to form a CareCrew or Users who accept invitations to create an account and join a Care Crew. We offer the websites and mobile application, including all information, tools, and services available from both, to you conditioned upon your acceptance of this policy and all the terms, conditions, notices, and policies mentioned here, on our websites or on our mobile application.

Our Privacy Policy Overview

WE STRIVE TO TAKE IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS WITH USER PERSONAL DATA AND INFORMATION. We value our Users and Visitors and respect your privacy. We collect information about you through the mobile application and our websites to improve your online and mobile application experience and to communicate with you about our company, services offered, and promotions. None of the personal information about you is shared or sold with any non-affiliated company or agency. However, as discussed in more detail below, we may share your information under certain circumstances with businesses who work with us to help our websites and mobile application operate. 

This Privacy Policy describes the personal information and data we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, and when we need to share it with third parties. This Privacy Policy also describes the options you have about how we collect and use certain information.

Our Privacy Policy, In More Detail

By visiting, accessing or using the websites and mobile application, you acknowledge this Privacy Policy and agree to be bound by its terms herein and the Terms of Use provided on the websites and 

mobile application. If there is anything stated herein that you do not understand or have additional questions about, please email any inquiry to If at any time you do not agree to our Privacy Policy and the information provided, please do not use the websites, mobile application or related products and Services.

We reserve the right to update or change this Privacy Policy by posting such changes or updates to the websites and mobile application. Amendments, changes, or modifications to this Privacy Policy will be posted at this URL and will be effective the date when posted. It is your responsibility to thoroughly review any such changes, modifications or updates and check the websites and mobile application from time to time to be sure you understand all terms and conditions, agreements, and policies of the Services, that you are in compliance with them and that you will adhere to them at all times. You will be able to ascertain if the Privacy Policy has been updated by reviewing the last updated date provided at the beginning of this Policy. Your continued use of the Services after the posting of any amendment, change, or modification shall represent your acceptance of the updated privacy policy.

Types of Personal Information Collected
The following is a brief summary of the categories of personal information that might be found in the User account data that we collect from our Users, so you can know, at a glance, what we’re talking about.

We collect and process your personal information:

  • When you visit our websites, or make a request to receive information about our products and Services;
  • When you contact our Customer Support Team;
  • When you sign up for the My CareCrew mobile application; My CareCrew ecommerce account, and/or when otherwise using our Services;
  • When you visit our ecommerce store at As you browse the store, we collect information about the individual web pages or products that you view, what websites or search terms referred you to the store site, and information about how you interact with the ecommerce store site. 
  • When you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through the ecommerce site.

We call this personal information User Account Data. This data might be in different forms, and we might process or use it for different reasons or purposes. Depending on the way you interact with us, we might collect or process the following categories of personal information, and utilize it the following reasons:

My CareCrew Mobile Application:

  • We collect Identifiers, like your name, email address, phone number, address (including Country), shipping address, role (ex. current patient, post treatment patient, etc.), date of birth, gender or other personal information you provide voluntarily, when you sign up or use our Services and to do things like verify who you are (your identity), and communicate or connect with you.
  • Your Account Information – You create a personal account with us, when you register to use our My CareCrew mobile application. Using a username and password designated by you, you may access your account at any time to add, delete, or modify your information. By creating an account, you authorize us to collect and store your name, email address, address (including Country), role (ex. current patient, post treatment patient, etc.), date of birth, gender and other Personal Information that you may provide, exchange with other Users, or input while using our Services or otherwise.
  • Join CareCrew Invitation - When you use the Services, you can invite people to join your CareCrew by inviting Users via your contacts (either by sending an SMS or an email from your device contacts).
  • Help Request – When you use the Services, we may collect identifier information specified above when Users interact with the Service, such as when making transport, child care, pet care, personal care, errand, household chore, meal prep or other help requests. When User accesses the Help Request functions of the Service, and the User voluntarily enters, exchanges, or provides Personal Information within the message such as text, pictures, files, voices recordings and videos, to other Users. 
  • Help Offers – When you use the Services, we may collect identifier information specified above when Users interact with the Service, such as when making transport, child care, pet care, personal care, errand, household chore, meal prep or other help offers. When User accesses the Help Offers functions of the Service, and the User voluntarily enters, exchanges, or provides Personal Information within the message such as text, pictures, files, voice recordings and videos, to other Users. 
  • Precise location – When a User accesses the Help Request and Help Offer functions of the Service and grants approval to show the User location on the map.
  • Journal Entries – When a User accesses the Journal Entry function of the Service, the User voluntarily enters information, which may include any Personal Information User voluntarily enters into the Journal Entry, such as text, pictures, files, voice recordings and videos. The User has the option to designate this information as Public (to Users designated CareCrew) or Private.
  • Mood & Symptoms – When a User accesses the Mood & Symptom function of the Service, the User voluntarily enters or provides Personal Information, such as current mood or symptomatology. The User has the option to designate this information as Public (to Users designated CareCrew) or Private.
  • Messaging & Status Updates – When User accesses the Messaging or Status Update functions of the Service, and the User voluntarily enters, exchanges, or provides Personal Information within the message such as text, pictures, files, voice recordings and videos, to other Users. 
  • Wishlist – When a User accesses the Wishlist function of the Service, the User voluntarily enters or uploads Information, such as products, services, experiences and gift funds. The User has the option to designate this information as Public (to Users designated CareCrew) or Private.
  • Device ID – When you use the Services, we collect the Device ID for the purpose of sending push communications to User’s device. This may include important mobile application updates, marketing content or inspirational content.
  • User ID - When you use the Services, we collect the User ID for the purpose of account management, application functionality and analytics.
  • Our mobile application Services are currently free, but in the event we add fees or other designated costs as indicated in any updated Terms of Use, we might collect and process Financial information, such as your payment or payment card information, when you remit payment for our various Services. We do collect payment card information on the ecommerce site. When you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through the ecommerce website, we collect payment information such as credit card information.
  • You may delete your My CareCrew app account by navigating to the settings (within the My CareCrew app), select delete account.  This action will delete all the main and CareCrew accounts associated to your email.  And it will also delete all the data associate to the main and CareCrew accounts.

My CareCrew Store & Website:

  • We also collect Commercial type information when we keep track of the Services that you use or purchase from us, our customer relationship management, marketing and our communications history about those services.
  • Your Account Information – You can create a personal account with us, whether for mobile application users, website, or for the ecommerce site. With regards to the ecommerce site, we collect certain information from you, including your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (including credit card numbers, email address, and phone number). We can assure you, that the Personal Information supplied by you is not used for any purpose other than as we have outlined for you in this Privacy Policy. Note, If you ever decide to use a public computer to access your account, we strongly recommend that you log out at the conclusion of your session. Although your data may still be stored with us, by doing so will help make sure that your information will not be accessible to anyone from that computer.
  • When you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through the ecommerce website, we collect payment information such as credit card information.
  • We collect Internet and other electronic online activity information, such as communications metadata, as you visit, browse, or otherwise use our websites or our Services. This communications metadata may be information and data about how you browse our websites and what aspects of our Service you use, or it may be your User usage data as you send communications or other messages over our Service.
  • We also collect Geolocation data when you use our Services. This could be your location based on your IP address or by the GPS location information from a Users smartphone or other mobile device.
  • Email List – When you send a sign-up inquiry or if you create an account with us, you may be given an option to be added to our promotional email list. Regardless of whether you select this option, your Personal Information will never be shared with or sold to third parties. Consistent with federal CAN-SPAM laws, if you do not wish to receive promotional emails, you can opt-out of receiving promotional emails simply, and at any time. If you want to be removed from our promotional email list, kindly email us at and be sure to include your full name and email address in the message, or simply click the “unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of the emails we send you. We may still send you necessary administrative notices, however.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

We do not sell, share, or trade your Personal Information gathered with our Services with any third parties, except as described herein or with your consent. We do not participate in or contribute to cooperative databases, which could give other companies access to such Personal Information.

We may need to disclose your Personal Information if legally required to do, including, but not limited to:

  • cooperating with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings, 
  • protecting against unauthorized or misuse of the Services, 
  • protecting our rights and limiting our legal liability, or 
  • protecting the rights, safety or property of users of the Services or the public.

Also, we may disclose your Personal Information to outside companies and/or individuals that assist us to bring you the products and services we offer and to create, maintain, and operate our Services. For example, we may work with these third parties to:

  • manage a database of customer information. 
  • assist us in distributing emails.
  • assist with direct marketing and data collection.
  • provide data storage and analysis.
  • provide fraud prevention.
  • provide customer service.
  • provide messaging services.
  • provide ecommerce services.
  • process payment information, and 
  • provide additional services designed to assist us in developing and running our Services and increasing our business potential. We require that these outside companies each agree to keep data shared with them confidential and to use the data only to perform their obligations to us.

In addition, if we experience a business change, such as a merger, acquisition by another company or business, or the sale of all or a portion of our assets, your Personal Information will likely be among the assets transferred.

Our mobile application allows users to post comments and other content between the Main Account user and their CareCrew accounts. Any Personal Information that you submit, exchange, or post to or within the Services will become public information to other users of the mobile application in your CareCrew or with the Main account User. That may include pictures, videos, quotes, files, voice recordings and messages. In addition, your name, and profile image will be viewable by other users in your CareCrew. We do not assume the responsibility to maintain the privacy or security of any such Personal Information once you choose to post, exchange or submit Personal Information to our mobile application for other Users to see.

Behavioral Advertising
As described above, we use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications we believe may be of interest to you. For more information about how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) educational page at

You can opt out of targeted advertising by:

Additionally, you can opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal at:

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (including “Cookies” and “Pixel Tags”)

Through your use of our Services, we may also collect certain types of non-personally identifiable information from you (“NPII”). Importantly, NPII is not associated with you as an individual. More specifically, NPII is measured anonymously and only in the aggregate. During a normal, regular visit to our websites, no personal information is collected. We may, however, collect certain information that does not identify you, such as information from your computer’s web browser, or other information about the aggregate number of visits to a specific web page. This might also include cookies, which are tiny data tags that track where you go, and help navigate you back to other pages. This information also helps us see which pages require attention.

Let’s talk in more detail about cookies. As mentioned above, our websites may use cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information, a tiny data tag as mentioned above, sent by a website that is saved on your computer’s hard drive by your computer’s browser. These cookies help us remember you when you come back to the websites. Cookies also contain information to enhance and personalize your experience and to collect websites statistical data, such as which websites pages are visited, the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) domain name and the URL addresses of the websites you visited immediately before coming to and immediately after leaving the websites. The information in these cookies lets us track your “clickstream” activity (i.e., the paths as taken by users of the websites as they move or “click” around from page to page) to allow us to better serve our users by revealing to us which portions of the websites are the most popular or visited. Importantly, cookies do not contain Personal Information. To assist, you may disable cookie settings on your browser. Please visit your browser’s help instructions to learn how to do so.

We may also use “pixel tags” (sometimes also referred to as “web beacons” or “clear gifs”), which are tiny graphic images, on the websites. These pixel tags help us analyze Users’ online websites behavior and measure the effectiveness of the websites and our marketing and advertising. We may also use other types of analytical tools to evaluate our websites performance using aggregated data which, importantly, contains no Personal Information. We work with other service providers that help us collect, track, and analyze this information.

Cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, and / or other analytical type tools that we might use on our websites may collect information about your visit, including the web pages you view, the various features you use, any links you click, and other actions you take in regards to the websites. This data may include your computer’s Internet protocol (IP) address, your operating system, your web browser type, date and time information, and other technical information about your computer. We may also track certain other information about the identity of the websites you visited just prior to coming to the websites. We do not otherwise track any information about your use of other websites.

We may use cookies, pixel tags, and/or other analytical tools in our emails to track how you interact with those messages, such as when you receive, open, or click on a link contained in an email message from us. We may use “Log files” to track actions occurring on the ecommerce site, and collect data including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and date/time stamps. 

We may also work with some businesses that use certain tracking technologies to send advertisements on our behalf across the Internet. These businesses may collect information about your visits to the websites and your interactions with our advertising, marketing, and other communications, but, importantly, no Personal Information is shared with them.

We may also combine the NPII collected through cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, and other analytical tools with other information we may have gathered from you. This data may be used to improve our Services and websites, to personalize your online experience, to determine the effectiveness of advertising, to help us deliver information to you, and for other internal business purposes.

Do Not Track Signals

Currently, our websites do not respond to a web browser’s Do-Not-Track signals. 

Your Security is Important

We try our best, and strive to keep your Personal Information safe, secure, and private. We have implemented commercially reasonable electronic, physical, and administrative steps to maintain the security of Personal Information collected. Some of our steps include limiting the number of people who have physical access to database servers, as well as utilizing electronic security systems, as well as certain password protections that guard against unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, despite our earnest efforts, the transmission of personal information and other data over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure. While we strive to use every reasonable means to ensure the security of information you transmit through the Services, we cannot promise or guarantee that such personal information and other data will not be intercepted by third parties. We will, however, to the best of our ability, prosecute any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Links to Other websites

While visiting the websites or using the mobile application, you may link to websites operated by certain third parties; or you may have come to our websites using a link found on another website. This does not, in any way, mean that we endorse, support, or otherwise approve of these websites or the goods or services they might provide. We do not make any warranties or representations about any site that may be linked to our websites. Such other websites are wholly independent of us, and we have no control whatsoever over, or the responsibility for, their information, products or activities.

In addition, our privacy practices may be different from those of these other linked websites. If you provide Personal Information or data at one of those websites, you are subject to the privacy policy of the websites operator, not our Privacy Policy. Please be sure you understand the other site’s privacy policy prior to providing Personal Information.


You will receive email messages from us only if you have consented to receive them. If you do not want to receive these email messages from us you may click on the “unsubscribe” link you can locate at the bottom of any email message sent by us to you. Kindly allow us ten (10) business days from when the request was received by us to complete the removal, because some of our promotions may already have been in process prior to your submitted request. Be advised, as long as you have an account with us we will continue to email you administrative information related to your use of our service. These service-related email messages, generated during our ordinary course of business, will continue as long as you have a user account, even if you asked not to receive any commercial emails.

Spoofing and Phishing

Common Internet scams are known as “spoofing” or “phishing.” These types of scams occur when you receive an email from what appears to you to be a legitimate source requesting Personal Information or other data from you. Please be aware that we will never send you any emails requesting you to verify any Personal Information. If you do receive an email that appears to be from us requesting such data or personal information from you, DO NOT respond to the email, and DO NOT click on any links present in the email. Instead, please immediately forward the email to us at as we will investigate instances of possible Internet fraud.

Children and Privacy

The Services are only meant for those individuals that are 18 and older. You can only use the service if you are 18 and older. The Services are not meant for children, and we will not knowingly collect any Personal Data from children under the age of 13 without receiving verified parental consent. We will remove from our files any Personal Data of anyone we discover to be under 13 years old. We are concerned about the safety of all children when they use the Internet, and we understand that children may not comprehend all the provisions within our Privacy Policy or be able to make informed decisions about the choices that are made available to adult users of the websites.

Disclosure of Personal Information for Legal Purposes

By using the Services, you hereby authorize us to disclose any of your Personal Information pursuant to administrative and judicial proceedings as well as to law enforcement or other government agencies if we believe the disclosure is appropriate or necessary. You also authorize and consent to the disclosure of Personal Information if we deem the disclosure appropriate or necessary in the event of an investigation of illegal or improper conduct in connection with the Services, such as misrepresentation, fraud, intellectual property infringement, or other activity that may put us at risk for liability.

Non-Confidential Information

We ask that you do not send us any proprietary or confidential information through email or otherwise. Any materials, information, suggestions, comments or ideas sent to us will be considered non-confidential, and by submitting them to us, you are granting us the absolute right to use, modify, transmit, reproduce, distribute and display the proprietary or confidential information for any purpose whatsoever, with no payment or other compensation to you. However, be advised we will not use your name unless we are compelled by law to identify the origin of the information, materials, suggestions, comments, or ideas, or unless we first obtain your permission.

Assignment of Policy

We may freely assign this Privacy Policy, and all of its provisions, or any of our rights and/or obligations hereunder, as indicated in our Terms of Use.  Learn  More

Additional Privacy Policy Supplements

California: For additional information regarding California privacy rights and our Privacy Policy supplements pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), please visit our webpage dedicated solely to that information at: Learn More

Canada: For additional information regarding Canada’s privacy rights and our Privacy Policy supplements pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), please visit our webpage dedicated solely to that information at: Learn more

European Union (“EU”)/European Economic Area (“EEA”)/Dependent Territories: For additional information regarding EU and EEA privacy rights and our Privacy Policy supplements pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), please visit our webpage dedicated solely to that information at: Learn More


Again, If you still have more questions or concerns about how we’re processing personal information, or you would like to know more about how to exercise your rights.You can contact our Privacy Team emailing us at or, by writing to us at: My Care Crew, LLC, 3702 W Spruce St  #1278 Tampa, FL 33607.