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Our story starts out with two friends being there for each other while going through Cancer treatment. My friend Agnieszka had breast cancer and I have thyroid cancer. During one of our many chats over the years Agnieszka said, ”since we are both feeling rather well, how about we sign up for the Moonwalk in Edinburgh?” And so we did! On June 8, 2019, along with several girl friends, we walked 13 miles, under the moonlight, through the streets of Edinburgh to raise funds for cancer research.

A few months after the Moonwalk, Agnieszka learned the cancer had spread to her brain.  And so back to the day to day cancer treatment it was.  We all rallied around her, we wanted to be there for her, to help her and her family get through this challenging time.  We wanted to make sure she knew and felt she was not going through this journey alone!

We wanted to help her while not overwhelming her. We wanted to say the right things but didn’t always have the right words. We sent care packages not always knowing if the items we included were the things she wanted or needed most. We wanted to schedule food delivery and house cleaning services so Agnieszka and her boys could focus on her recovery. It was during this experience that we realized how challenging it was to coordinate all the help across all our friends. We thought, there has to be a better way! And when we couldn't find a solution to our problem, we thought we would create it! And that’s how My CareCrew came to be!

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Sadly my dear friend Agnieszka, and co-founder of My CareCrew, gained her angel wings on June 8, 2020, the anniversary of our Moonwalk in Edinburgh! I am grateful that through My CareCrew her love, smile, courage, empathy, humor, dedication and determination will always be with us! She was the inspiration for My CareCrew and now she is our guardian angel!