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Prevention Oncology 2-Pack | Mouthwash for Cancer Patients

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Brand: Prevention


  • ONCOLOGY SPECIFIC FORMULATION: Prevention Health Sciences’ over-the-counter (OTC) oncology mouth rinse has been formulated for use by patients going through chemo and radiation therapies. These treatments can result in uncomfortable mouth sores, ulcers, dry mouth, and other oral complications. This gentle mouth rinse is recommended and distributed by physicians to help soothe, alleviate, and control these side-effects, while also protecting the mucosal lining.
  • SOOTHES & PROTECTS: Unlike other mouthwash and rinse products that contain alcohol and other additives, our solution is fluoride-, alcohol- and dye-free. The highly effective formulation of low concentration hydrogen peroxide, sodium citrate, zinc, and glycerin protects and soothes. It provides temporary pain relief to irritated areas of the mouth, lips, and throat, and rehydrates and moisturizes the oral cavity to alleviate dry mouth symptoms.
  • ORAL HEALTH SUPPORT: The addition of soothing natural menthol and peppermint oil will leave your mouth with a long-lasting clean and refreshed feel.
  • SAFE & EASY-TO-USE: This mouth rinse is safe for all ages and easy to use and administer. Early and regular use will aid in protecting against dry mouth and uncomfortable oral complications, and help in the healing process of current mouth sores and ulcers. We recommend rinsing 3-5 times a day when undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Adults and children ages 2 and older should gargle or swish around in the mouth for one minute, then spit out.

Details: Chemo therapy is tough, Prevention Oncology Rinse is here to help. Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is a mouthwash for Oncology patients. Similar to magic mouthwash mixtures, our mouth rinse is designed to provide comfort and relief while also helping mitigate some of the conditions that can lead to problems throughout your treatment. Dry mouth and Xerostomia can lead to problems with mouth sores, oral mucousitis, and general discomfort. Prevention Oncology is intended a daily care treatment. It is a gentle alcohol free mouth wash. Because patients often experience taste and sensitivity issues, our rinse is very mildly flavored and we have removed cleansing agents often found in mouthwash that can cause irritation. If you are looking for a oral mucousitis mouth rinse, or searching for comfort gifts for a chemo patients we hope you will give us a try. Prevention Oncology Rinse can be used daily mouth rinse and in conjunction with other magic mouthwash mixtures, mucoadhesives, or oral mucositis mouth wash. It is recommended patients use Prevention Oncology at the onset of treatment as part of a daily regimen to maintain optimum oral health throughout the course of treatment.

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.3 x 3.7 inches