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Port Pillow for seatbelt, Portacath Pillows, Seatbelt Cushion ,Chemo pillow, gift for chemo patients, Penguin Port Pillow, Cats, Lobsters

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Port Pillow, Portacath Pillows, Seatbelt Cushion, Chemo patients pillow, gift for chemo patients, Penguin Port Pillow, Guitar, Batik, Cats

Do you know what a portacath is?

A portacath is a small port placed beneath the skin so that cancer patients can get their chemotherapy.

This is often uncomfortable when a seatbelt rubs it.

A port pillow attaches to the seatbelt to protect the port from being irritated.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, we are all touched in some way by cancer. Whether it be us, a loved one, a colleague or friend. This is a great way to just add a little bit of comfort into an otherwise painful and lets face it, sucky situation.

Each pillow is stuffed with love, positive energy for healing and peace, and comes in a protective plastic bag with instructions for use and care.