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Kids Cancer Personalized Port Access Shirt

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 Lincoln (my 5 year old and middle son) was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2017. He was just about to turn 3 when his world was turned upside down. Every week, he needed to be accessed to receive chemo. He also received blood and platelets through the same port, which is surgically placed under his skin. He realized that taking off his shirt meant he was about to get poked. That is where these shirts came in. With just a simple unzip, he didn't need to feel cold or exposed.

This listing is for a personalized shirt. I cannot guarantee your color choice, but I try my best. The shirts you see in the pictures are just examples. If you have a character or item not pictured, please send a message. I can accommodate about 99% of requests.
I cannot guarantee shirt material, although 90% of the shirts I make are knit. I can make them with almost any pattern and size, from baby to adult. This particular version is personalized. It can add their name, their type or cancer, or any other phrase not exceeding 20 characters.