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Fleece Jacket For Dialysis or Chemotherapy Treatments That Supports Catheters/PICC Lines, Fistulas and/or Ports on Left or Right Side

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Stay warm and comfortable with our patent pending design that works with catheters, fistulas, PICC lines and ports located on either the left or right side of patients undergoing dialysis or chemotherapy treatments.

This unisex full zipper fleece jacket is more comfortable and safer for patients due to less possible strain and tugging on the access site. Long access sleeve zippers provide easy access to fistulas on any part of the arm for nurses and technicians, whether it is high on the bicep or by the wrist. Zipper and velcro chest access points support catheters/PICC lines. The left and right shoulders include an adjustable integrated tubing management system that makes it easy for medical staff to keep tubing neat and safe while making the patient more comfortable as the need to tape or clamp tubing to the patient is eliminated. This jacket also has dual side pockets.

The concept and design of this jacket all started with our friend Sandra. Sandra was constantly cold during her treatments ("freezing" as she would describe it). She would complain constantly about being cold and the discomfort she felt from the tubes being clipped onto her during treatment. We soon noticed that her feelings were shared widely by many people receiving dialysis as well as chemotherapy treatments. Dialysis Jackets were created as a way to keep Sandra and other patients warm and comfortable during their treatments.