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Inspired Comforts Mens/Uni-Sex Chemo Port Access Shirt with Dual Chest Zips | 100% Cotton | Half Sleeve | XL, Charcoal

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Brand: Inspired Comforts

Details: Specially designed 100% cotton, half sleeve shirt designed for easy and discreet Chemotherapy Port Access. Two diagonal zips provide easy chest port access while covered zip and cloth lining ensures no uncomfortable metal on skin contact. Maintain privacy, dignity and style to your appointments or on the go! Our mission at Inspired Comforts is to provide comfortable, high quality and thoughtfully designed clothing and accessories to aid you and make your journey as smooth, timely and carefree as possible. As a team inspired by patients and caregivers close to us, we understand how important it is to not have to think about every small detail, to have things just work when you need them to and to be able to focus on yourself and your journey. We hope that with our collective experience, inspired solutions and attention to detail we can bring some joy and comfort to you.