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POSTOP MEDICAL WEAR Drainage Bulb Holder Adjustable Belt for JP Drains Tummy Tuck Mastectomy Breast Cancer Post Surgery Reconstruction Surgical Abdominal Recovery Women Men, White, Large (Pack of 1)

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  • 【Makes Dealing with Drains Easier】Mastectomy? Breast Cancer Surgery? Reconstruction? Drainage Tubes? Drain Bulbs? Tummy Tuck? The Drainage Bulb Holder are designed to hold surgical JP drainage bulbs during the post-operative healing process. This drainage waist belt keep the drains and the tubes securely without risk of pulling on sensitive tissue, make showers, mobility, sleep, changing clothes or bathroom visits etc so much easier!
  • 【Managing Those Dreaded Drains】This adjustable surgical belt is a safe and practical way to hold drains while going about your day and sleeping. The velcro fasteners are permanently attached at one end to the belt. After you properly fasten the bulbs, those bulbs are securely attached. No more bulbs falling off those inadequate, plastic ring holder thingies. I recommend having two belts. This way you can use one in the shower (If showering is allowed, of course) and then hang it up to dry.
  • 【Your Movement Is Not As Restricted】The Drainage Bulb Belt allows for secure attachment of up to four drain bulbs and is discreetly worn under your clothing. At the same time, it allows for quick access and easy visibility to determine when you need to empty the bulbs. You don't worry so much when you feel confident that the drains are held securely in place. No one wants those tubes accidentally yanked out. No more safety pin pokes. No more clunky metal clips.
  • 【A Must Have for Surgical Drains】Our Drainage Adjustable Belt are biomechanically engineered with unique comfort features to offer best post op drains solution for mastectomy recovery, breast reduction, tummy tuck post surgery, showering after surgery, bile drain JP bulb, lumpectomy surgeries, breast cancer surgery patients. *NOTE: Get it before your surgery so you can use them immediately following the surgery.
  • 【Caring Gift for Post Surgery】Finest recovery support care kit and service around! If you know someone undergoing breast surgery, they will have drains. As a gift this sure beats flowers or even chocolate. Our mission at PostOp Medical Wear is to help make life easier for people living with mastectomy and other conditions affecting the breast. Definitely get the post-surgical drain holder you won't be disappointed.

Details: Drainage Bulb Holder - The Best Solution For Dealing With Those Dreaded Post Surgery Drains! If you just had breast cancer surgery and are going through hard time, that's why we designed the medical drain carrier pouch that help to hold the drains securely without risk of pulling them out. It is the perfect gift for a warrior currently fighting breast cancer. Here Are Some Reasons Why I Whole Heartedly Recommend The Adjustable Drain Holder Drainage Belt The Drain Pouch with belt was developed by a nurse with the knowledge and experience to meet the clinical needs as well as patient needs. The tummy tuck drain belt securely holds up to four drains. Fits like a second skin, the soft cotton material does not cause discomfort. The drainage bulb holder gently hold your drains without having to pin them to clothes, allowing your to change clothes or visit bathroom easier. Comfort around your bug belly with room to spare and doesn't add pressure. 100Percent no risk money-back . Our Post Mastectomy Drain Holder are recommended by doctors and preferred by breast cancer or tummy tuck patients. They are designed to keep the drains and the tubes neatly on the belt, and work great during recovery from Bilatera Mastectomy, Breast Augmentation Surgery, Lumpectomy, Tummy Tuck, Reconstruction, Chemo..... Size: xApprox. Fits Waist Size: Medium: 28inch - 38inch; Large: 39inch - 49inch Attention: xNOTE: The drain bulbs are not included. xIf your surgeon allows showering, you will need two belts - one for showering - one for dry use. After showering, the wet belt will air dry and be ready for your next shower. These products are the perfect solution during the critical healing process. It is always best to have them before surgery so be sure to order yours today!

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