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Women's long sleeve 5 zipper Easy Port Access Chemo Shirt - Best Gift for Cancer Patients…


Port Fashions is a NEW UNIQUE Wide-Access-3&5-Zipper-Design. Designed by Nurses as a new improvement. Port Fashions shirts work better than 1 & 2 zipper-diagonal cut shirts in the folowing ways: 

Port Fashions shirts reveal the proper Chemo-port location (never at the center of the chest as shown in some standard 2-zipper design shirt photos). The openings are modestly located and less revealing before and after zip-up.

Port Fashions Shirts do not zip over and kink IV chemo and dialysis lines. Dual sided zippers on both shoulders and mid chest open wider to individual sides alowing easier site disinfection prep and dressing changes. All zipers (including pulls) are protected from skin contact by a fabric layer. No uncomfortable pulling and stretching during treatments.

Our long sleeve shirts and French tarry pullovers have 2 additional pocket-style zippers to thread the IV line to stabilize and prevent kinking and full warm zip-up.  Soft Natural 100% Cotton with no chemical additives. Easy port access with full zip-up make your treatments warmer, easier and more comfortable.

 Ask your medical provider for infomation about the true port access locations and you will understand the difference a Port Fashions Shirt can make. The most practical gift for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.