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HiccAway : The Original Natural Remedy Proven to Stop Hiccups Instantly, As Seen on Shark Tank.

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Color: Light Blue


  • The only drug free, reusable natural cure for hiccups is available in Single Packs, Double Packs & 4 Packs all made from a BPA Free Polypropylene material that is fully recyclable.
  • HiccAway is reusable, easy to clean and top shelf dishwasher safe. Simply pop off the cap of the HiccAway and place the straw on the top shelf of your dishwasher. You may also hand clean your HiccAway using a reusable straw cleaner and warm soapy water. (Straw cleaner not included)
  • This American made device was invented by a physician and works on 92% of cases of hiccups according to The Journal of American Medicine Association and was seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”
  • Works with water instantly relieving hiccups on both adults and children. Use the adult setting on the cap for anyone over 85lbs. “Forcibly” sip from the square head of the straw for 3 seconds while inhaling to help stop fast and slow hiccups.
  • HiccAway is 4.7 inches tall and fits in your hand bag, toiletry bag, Make-up bag, pant pockets and is ready to travel anywhere.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Part Number: 714983482660

Details: HiccAway is the most effective hiccup cure available with more than 90% effectiveness in clinical studies. With this small pocket-sized device, you can stop hiccups in minutes. If you need a simple hiccup remedy, then the HiccAway is your new go-to product. How does it work? Hiccups are repeated cycles of spasms in the diaphragm followed by a sudden closure of the Glottis which is in fact our vocal cords. The famous “HIC” sound of hiccups is due to the sudden closure of Glottis by vagus nerve. HiccAway is a scientific-based tool that requires forceful suction and swallowing of water. The forced suction lowers the diaphragm by the activity of the "Phrenic" nerve. This nerve is one of the key nerves in causing hiccups. Subsequently, when the water reaches the throat, the "Vagus" nerve closes the Epiglottis to avoid entering the water to our windpipe. The simultaneous activity of the “Phrenic” and “Vagus” nerves, allowing the brain to “reset” and stops the repeated cycle of spasms in the diaphragm, and thus stopping hiccups.

EAN: 0714983482660

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.3 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English