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Kapa Nui Nail Repair 3-in-1 Formula ~ Grows, Strengthens & Conditions your Nails | 100% Natural | No Synthetic Additives | Vegan & Cruelty-Free | Made in Hawaii | Get Back Your Healthy Nails





  • 3-in-1: Grows, Strengthens & Conditions your nails. Made with 100% Natural ingredients. Apply at night, rinse in the morning. Not a basecoat, lets nature heal

  • ✅ Our nail treatment hydrates, restructures and remineralizes your nails. Improves Growth and Reduces Splitting and Breakage
  • ✅ Strengthens and Conditions your nails to get them back to Beautiful!
  • ✅ Helps to repair damaged nails recover from artificial and toxic chemicals, promotes the reduction of naturally occurring ridges.
  • ✅ Kapa Nui Nails products are produced by Healthcare Professionals and are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Made in Hawaii

Part Number: KNNR0004


Kapa Nui Nail Repair & Strengthener & Much More:

A breakthrough 3-in-1 formula that hydrates, restructures and remineralizes your nails. If your nails are weak, brittle, dry, unable to grow, chemically damaged, or have naturally occurring ridges, then this is for you!

~ Ingredient effectiveness supported by scientific research.

~ 3-in-1: Grows, Strengthens & Conditions your nails

~ Toxin-Free, Body Safe and Planet Safe. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, no synthetic additives

~ Reduces splitting, brittleness and naturally occurring ridges

~ Resolves damage from artificial and toxic chemicals

~ Made in Hawaii

Water-Based & Toxin-Free: Made of a 100 % natural complex carbohydrate that is the second most common biopolymer (naturally occurring) in the world. Our Repair binds with the protein microstructure of the nail and strengthens it while allowing the nail to flex and breathe as it grows. No harsh chemicals; most strengtheners may contain artificial chemicals that are alien to the nail structure and do not permeate or bind but simply cover up the nail surface. Standalone Treatment: Not to be used as a base coat. Let nature heal without added synthetic chemicals

Does our "natural, non-toxic' products smell toxic? No. Since our products are truly Non-Toxic they are virtually odorless.

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