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Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace + Scarf - Grey | Beat The Heat in Style! | Take Out of Freezer for Hours of Cooling Relief!

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Nano-Ice Necklace


  • Beat the heat in style! You don't have to wet this. Frozen spheres are included with scarf.
  • The ice cold necklace placed around your neck cools your whole body as it cools the blood flow.
  • Just re-freeze in your freezer to use again!
  • Be aware that this Cooling Necklace is heavier than jewelry (1 lb.) as it is a utility item that keeps you cool.
  • Made outside of Boston

Details: Sam White of Nano-Ice embedded his cooling technology inside a beautiful necklace. Take it out of the freezer for hours of cooling relief. Sam created this handmade Nano Ice Cooling Necklace for his wife while living in India. She suffered from India's unbearable hot weather and he wanted to help her find relief and he ended up creating a wearable cooling technology that fits into a beautifully designed necklace that anyone, both men and women, can comfortably wear. Here at Nano-Ice, our goal is to help you Beat the Heat in Style and help those who really suffer from the heat. The cooling technology inside lasts for around 2 hours after you take it out of the freezer. Today, they are hand crafted outside of Boston and we are proud that we are improving the livelihoods of people who are in our community. Please be aware that the necklace is much bigger and heavier than a typical necklace as it contains 1.5 inch balls with liquid inside. We hope you find the Nano Ice Cooling Necklace helpful. This is our latest Scarf style! The Scarf conceals the cooling spheres that you are wearing now. We know that some of you may want to consider a more subtle style that masks the spheres but gives you the same relief from the heat. Many like it for its versatility and comfort. Add to this new Nano-Ice collection with a beautiful yet subtle color!