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Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme

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Brand: Qet Botanicals


  • An EWG Verified product.
  • ~ Earth Day Beauty Award Winner ~ Best Oil Cleanser ~ Great for Acne and Combination Skin ~
  • Organic and sustainably wild harvested ingredients certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) and recognized by the National Organic Program for the USDA.
  • No warehousing - all products are hand-crafted in small, fresh batches. All ingredients are 100% natural, nontoxic, and always fully disclosed. No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, or fossil fuel derivatives. No artificial fragrances, EDTAs, gluten, or contaminant residues. No fillers, slipping agents, glycols, silicones, dyes, ureas, or extenders. No acids, extracts, or alcohol.
  • All products are proudly ranked in the safest category of EWG Skin Deep database. Member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Details: Thyme and cleansing oils help to break down acne-causing bacteria. This cleansing oil goes down deep to remove oil and impurities, helps balance and heal with plant actives, and doesn't strip the skin's natural barrier. What's left behind is a fresh feeling of clean skin - not greasy skin. It's good, clean fun. This cleansing oil was selected as the 2014 Earth Day Beauty Award Winner in the acne zapping category! This cleansing oil is wonderful on skin which tends to be combination, active, prone to blemishes, or stressed with rashes and uneven coloration. Extra virgin olive oil is an ancient remedy for skin care and addresses any concerns from acne therapy to anti-aging therapy. This gentle way to cleanse is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamins A and E, and cleansing will leave no oily residue. This formula includes the perfect amount of castor oil to cleanse active skin, and it provides potent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a natural ability to heal. The oil from the sea buckthorn berry can help to balance the skin and it also contains anti-inflammatory agents. Fatty omega acids can help restore the surface, and the cleanser helps the skin to remain strong and heal itself. Any itchy or rash areas are also addressed as it is a mild analgesic. Perfect for skin that can be unpredictable with a bit of activity, redness, or acne. The oils working in harmony with just the right therapeutic flower actives of lavender, thyme, and geranium are a natural remedy that penetrates deeply into your skin. They will not only cleanse, but can help your skin heal itself while brightening your complexion. This cleansing oil balances the skin while maintaining the proper level of moisture without drying it out.

EAN: 0856926004000