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Honey Sweetie Acres Goat Milk Soap All Natural Handmade Soap For Women From Nigirian Goats Milk For Increase Butter Fat Creamier Feel Our Goat Milk Soap Bar Is Made In The USA Unscented

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Brand: Honey Sweetie Acres


  • Contains 2 Goats Milk Soap Bars 5 ounce each. Not all soaps are created equal. You will find goat milk soap in many places. Some use a goat milk soap base that is a commercially prepared product. We use the raw milk from our own Nigerian dwarf goats
  • We raise our own goats, so we know what goes in we feed them the best hay, quality feed and grains to produce the award winning premium goat milk that we use in each and every bar of our handmade goats milk soap.
  • Our goat’s milk soap is natural soap for women, creamy and moisturizing, but strong enough to be a mens handmade soap as well, strong enough to clean the toughest of dirt and sweaty bodies leaving you smelling as clean as you look.
  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin we use dwarf Nigerian goats which produce higher levels of butter fat which is the moisturizing effect for dry sensitive skin with a natural cleaning power in every bar of our organic goats milk natural soap.
  • Goat soap made with the goat milk fresh from OUR farms, we dont buy dry goats milk soap base, or powdered goats milk for our soap bars ever. Not all homemade soaps can make that claim, read the labels and be sure.

EAN: 0767744325515

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches