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Stress Less Cards -The Original Deck

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Author: Sanna Wikström

Brand: Sunny Present


  • 50 EASY EXERCISES FOR EVERYONE: This unique Stress Less Cards deck contains 50 extremely effective exercises to help you relieve stress and deal with anxiety whenever you need it the most. Easy for everyone to use, these powerful techniques can be quickly memorized and used in any situation; on the bus, at work, at your desk, while queuing at the supermarket or before going to bed at night. These exercises are designed to stop that stress reaction and help you relax.
  • POWERFUL MEDITATION & NLP TECHNIQUES: Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, as well as powerful Mindfulness meditation exercises that are known to help reduce anxiety and stop the mind’s automatic stress response, you can now tap into the wisdom of advanced Yogis and Meditation teachers without requiring any prior knowledge. Learn to focus on your breathing, observe your body and awaken positive emotions through effective visualizations and witness your life changing.
  • RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Already used and recommended by medical doctors in occupational health care, as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and trainers, these cards are a safe and reliable self help solution to efficient stress management and anxiety relief.
  • YOUR FIRST AID KIT FOR INSOMNIA & WORK STRESS: Suffering from insomnia can be seriously debilitating. Regular sleeping aid pills, loaded with dangerous chemicals might not be the best way to deal with its distressing symptoms. But, even if you simply need effective help to deal with a stressful environment at work, these cards offer a natural, self-empowering way by teaching you invaluable techniques and that you can keep with you for life.
  • CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: With its compact size, this convenient and lightweight Stress Less Cards Deck is specially designed to allow you to take it with you everywhere you go. Simply, stash it in your handbag or backpack and have it handy every time you need it.

Binding: Cards

Format: International Edition

Number Of Pages: 52

Release Date: 01-12-2016

Details: Excellent Self-Help Strategy for Effective Stress Management Based on effective, powerful Mindfulness and NLP techniques, this deck of cards, will be your stress relief first aid kit, offering practical help to easily reduce anxiety and promote relaxation when you need it the most. Perfect for Everyone Reduce stress and deal with anxiety on the go, by having these powerful cards handy in your handbag. Small in size and short in wording, these cards are easy for everyone to use, without requiring any special knowledge. Whenever you realize the need, take a card out, practice and you’ll get into a mindfulness state in less than a minute. Tap Into the Wisdom of Advanced Yogis & Meditation Experts Learn the secrets of masters that have been used successfully for thousands of years to control the mind’s automatic stress response and learn how to reach a peaceful, relaxed state of mindfulness. Powerful Sleeping Aid for Insomnia Relief Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by all sorts of negative thoughts that just don’t leave you at peace? Learn how to help yourself by practicing simple, yet extremely powerful techniques that can eliminate the need for sleeping pills. Recommended by Health Care Professionals Follow the advice of health care and self-help experts, psychologists and medical doctors and learn to manage your anxiety easily, wherever you are. The Perfect Gift Make a thoughtful gift to anyone suffering from the exhausting symptoms of stress, show them the way to empower themselves and help them learn how to put an end to negative emotions every time they arise. Make Stress Less Cards Yours and Improve the Quality of Your Life Click Add to Cart Now Before They’re Gone See also the Empowering Questions cards

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English