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The Day the Cancer Quit: A True Story of Surviving Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

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Author: Mah, Kristie Anne

Brand: Kristie Anne Mah

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 203

Release Date: 01-04-2020

Details: Product Description Against all odds, one man chooses life—this is his remarkable story. This groundbreaking work invites us on a heartfelt journey from tragedy to triumph, changing the way we typically think about our body, our mind, and what we are truly capable of accomplishing.Terri Mah’s ordinary life was rocked when persistent indigestion turned out to be Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. His story offers hope, resources and practical examples demonstrating the true power within us to heal. Based on foundational wisdom from experts in their fields, the Mahs incorporate strategies from Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Energy Healing and Spirituality to “beat the unbeatable.” This account includes Terri’s personal experiences at a world-renowned innovative oncology clinic.This book is truly life-changing, providing insights and tools to completely up-level your life whether you are contending with an illness or not. Review The Day the Cancer Quit is a must read for anyone who has ever felt like giving up or that the odds were stacked against them. It is a story about finding light in a time of darkness, relentless hope in the face of adversity, and a quest for healing that went beyond the physical.- Jennifer Schneider, Teacher Kristie Anne Mah's fortitude and grace shine through in this phosphorescent, well-written masterpiece.The Day The Cancer Quit is a story about the author's courageous quest to save her husband from Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer and ultimately her family unit. This book is a thoroughly researched account of words and actions that are most helpful. I highly recommend this book and feel that it will be an important read for many, not just those dealing with cancer. -Lynn Denise, Book Coach and Co-Author of Women RiseThe Day the Cancer Quit is a marvelous story underscoring the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. Kristie Anne Mah's debut literary work engages the reader by sprinkling sweet family anecdotes amongst helpful advice and personal medical experiences. Terri Mah's perseverant walk through Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer is nothing short of miraculous. As a family unit, the Mahs demonstrate a willingness to believe, explore and expand their understanding to improve their life together. After reading The Day the Cancer Quit, one is inspired to step out into the world with a renewed sense of confidence and wonder.- Carmen Wallin, Copy Editor and Director of Rainbow Roots Preschool in CalgaryCancer is a frightening diagnosis, and pancreatic cancer is usually considered to be a death sentence. But it doesn't have to be one. The Day the Cancer Quit is the inspiring account of one man, with the support of his wife and children, who was able to cure himself of his cancer using many different approaches for healing.Terri's outcome doesn't need to be unique. This book, by presenting a model for how to be courageous and persistent, demonstrates that there is hope for anyone who finds themself in what is generally viewed as a hopeless situation.Kristie Anne has a very personal, warm-hearted style of presenting what her family went through in the search for finding ways to support Terri on his healing journey. I highly recommend this book, to be read by not only those who have been diagnosed as having cancer, but for their caregivers who are desperately seeking something that may help their loved ones survive that diagnosis.- Sylvia Muiznieks, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and Founder of the HelioSol System About the Author Kristie Anne has built her love for writing through achieved excellence in her business degree, coupled with years of sales and marketing experience. Always bold in endeavors to share hope and passion for healing, Kristie Anne's debut piece of literature speaks to the heart, compelling readers to take actions towards personal victories and growth. Kristie Anne lives with her hero Terri, their two extraordinary children, Nixon and Vienna, and their vivacious Jack R

EAN: 9781777152727

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English