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TrueSooth Post Breast Surgery Recovery Hot Cold Breast Therapy Packs, with Bra Straps. 4 Reusable Gel Heat / Ice Packs for Mastectomy Recovery, Lumpectomy, Breast Augmentation, Reduction or Implants


Brand: TrueSooth


  • BREAST PAIN RELIEF; Hot Cold Breast Therapy will relieve the pain and ache caused by inflammation, swelling and enlarged ducts
  • POST SURGERY RECOVERY; a warm compress is used to improve circulation, relieve pain, increase muscle flexibility and heal damaged tissue
  • CONVENIENCE; 4 reusable gel bead packs and soft covers for convenient rotation. Slip into your bra or attach bra straps to hold pads in place, no need to wear a constrictive uncomfortable bra which may slow down your recovery
  • COMFORTABLE; packs conform to your breast; larger (16.5cm X 19.7cm) than most other packs, so cover more of your breast
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT; luxurious fabric, embroidered design; a gift to yourself, someone special battling with breast pain or the challenges of breastfeeding

Part Number: PSBHCTS4

Details: Hot and cold therapy is recommended by health professionals as a natural, safe, drug free way to relieve discomfort and pain. This set provides several solutions to confront symptoms Women often need to face, as we move through natures maturity path or, if our breasts suffer trauma due to different types of breast surgery This kit has 4 gel packs (not just 2) so you always have 2 at hand to heat in the microwave, or in hot water, and 2 ready to go straight from the fridge or freezer Apply heat therapy to ease soreness and ache from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) perimenopause and menopause. Hot and cold therapy will also help with swollen breasts and tenderness, common side effects after IVF. Always consult your surgeon and doctor before using hot and cold therapy packs for post breast surgery pain relief and recovery The section gel bead design allows pack to conform comfortably to the breast and insure an even controlled distribution of temperature. Soft plush covers are luxurious against the skin and nipples. No sharp edges of gel packs rubbing or scratching through thin fabric covers. Covers are a dark washable fabric, so no stains and 4 allow for convenient rotation. Items come neatly packed in a small storage bag Other packs need to be worn with an uncomfortable constrictive bra which can obstruct blood flow and contribute to the discomfort and pain. Just attach adjustable straps (38cm, stretch to 50cm) fit to your size and feel the comfort and freedom while healing If you are reading this product description; yourself, a family member or friend is struggling with breast discomfort or pain. We truly wish you, your loved one, all the best as you face these challenging times ahead. Be it a result of maturity or your journey along the road to recovery, always remember us Women are Strong & Awesome

EAN: 0860004445913

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.2 x 3.0 inches